Get to Know Zhuang Wen Ru’s Personal Life and Husband

Zhuang Wen Ru is famous thanks to her husband Chang Chen, a Taiwanese actor who started acting when he was 4. He came into the spotlight for the role of Dark Cloud. They were rumors that Zhuang had a child out of wedlock, but she confirmed that she had her first child in 2015, two years after marriage.

What Zhuang Wen Ru currently does to earn a living is unknown, but she worked as an assistant in Chang Chen’s office before they married. Zhuang’s net worth is also unknown, but her husband, who has been active since 1980, has a net worth of 10 million dollars.

Her Husband

Zhuang’s husband started acting at a young age featuring as a protagonist in A Brighter Summer Day, a film that won a Special Jury Prize. He then featured in Happy Together, a film directed by Wong Kar-wai in 1997. Zhuang’s husband hit the limelight when he was featured as Dark Cloud in the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

In 2005, Zhuang’s husband starred alongside Shu Qi, who later became his girlfriend in Three Times, a film that won Golden Horse accolades for best Taiwanese film and was nominated as Best Actor in the Golden Horse Awards.

Zhuang’s husband featured in The Go Master as Wu Qingyuan in 2006, a role for which he was nominated for Best Actor at Golden Horse Awards. Other notable films and tv shows in which  Zhuang’s husband was featured include The Assassin, Brotherhood of Blades, Red Cliff, Mr. Long, where he played the title character, and The Grandmaster, among others.

Chang Chen was featured in Narco- Saints, a South Korean television series, as Chen Jin in 2022. He was also invited into the 59th Golden Horse Awards as a jury member. Zhuang’s husband has won several awards, but he won his first Golden Horse Award for his performance in the film The Soul.

 Personal Life

Zhuang Wen Ru met Chang Chen in 2009 when she worked as an assistant in his office; they became friends and started going out. Soon they started dating, and they got married on November 12, 2013. They were rumors that her husband would have married Shu Qi since they had been dating and confessed their feelings for each other, but Zhuang Wen Ru was the lucky girl.

The couple held their reception six days later at SPOT Cinema in Taipei, Taipei City, an event attended by many celebrities, including Ang Lee, Chang Chen’s father, and veteran actor Chang Kuo-chu, Wilson Chen, and Leon Dai, among others. Even Chang Chen’s ex-girlfriend Shu Qi was in attendance and wished him the best in his marriage.

Zhuang and her husband welcomed their first child in 2015 and named her Yuan Chang. The couple is still together, and there are no rumors of divorce.

Social Media

Zhuang Wen Ru likes to keep a low profile in her private life, so she is not active on any social media platforms, not on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Her husband is not on social media platforms as well.