Aural Josiah Lewis: Personal Life and Net Worth

Aural Josiah Lewis is the father of Leona Lewis a popular British singer, songwriter, model, actress, and activist. Aural Josiah Lewis’s nationality is British. Despite being the father of a famous British star, much information regarding him and his lifestyle are not accessible to the public. Yet some facts about him are revealed and accessible.

Read further to know more about Aural Josiah Lewis’s personal life, Parents and Siblings, Children, Education and profession, Reason for Popularity, and Net worth.

Personal life

Aural Josiah Lewis was born in the United States and is British by nationality, Information regarding his date of birth is yet to be obtained. Aural Josiah Lewis married Maria Lewis. Maria Lewis is descended from Italian ancestors and Welsh, and Irish. Aural Josiah Lewis and Maria Lewis together have three children.

Parents and siblings

Since Aural Josiah Lewis is not very popular himself, information regarding his parents and siblings is not available with any kind of media and is not accessible to the general public through the internet.

Aural Josiah Lewis Net Worth


Aural Josiah Lewis and Maria Lewis have three children. Two boys, Kle Lewis and Bradley Lewis, and a daughter named Leona Lewis. Personal and professional information regarding Kle and Bradley is yet to be obtained. But Leona Lewis is a popular British singer and songwriter. Leona participated in the British music competition show “The X Factor” in 2006 and came out victorious.

Since she was the winner of the show, she was offered a 1 million pounds contract with “Syco Music” a company which was founded by Simon Cowell who was also a judge in the show. She later won many awards. Her songs also broke many records in the field of Music and made her a celebrity.

Education and Profession

Despite being quite popular himself and being the father of a British celebrity the information regarding Aural Josiah Lewis’s education is not available to the media and is also not accessible through the internet. Aural Josiah Lewis is believed to be a professional entrepreneur.

Reason of Popularity

Aural Josiah Lewis is popular because he is the father of the British celebrity Leona Lewis. Leona Louise Lewis commonly known as Leona Lewis is a famous British singer, songwriter, and actress. Leona became popular after her debut as a singer in her album named “Spirit”  which was praised and after its release, it gained the No.1 position on music charts in the United Kingdom and the United States of America and also remained in the top 5 in music charts of Australia, Poland, Japan, and Greece.

On the album single songs like “Forgive Me”, “Bleeding Love”, “Better in Time” and “I will be” became her best-selling singles with a total sales of more than 9 million copies around the globe. The songs made their name in the 5 best songs of the decade. And her single song “Bleeding Love” took her to Grammy Awards nominations and British Awards Nominations. Her single album “Glassheart” contributed $550,000 to her total wealth.

Aural Josiah Lewis Net Worth

The accurate information regarding Aural Josiah Lewis’s net worth is yet to be obtained. But it’s estimated that being a successful entrepreneur he has made around $1.2 million.


Aural Josiah Lewis is the father of a celebrity yet there is still much to know about him as he stays away from the limelight and does not have any social media handles, he enjoys his life in private. He lives a rich life with his annual income estimated of being $100,000