Johnnie Rose Etheridge: Personal Life and Net Worth

Johnnie Rose Etheridge was born as a twin on 17th October 2006. She is 15 years old and she is from America.

Read further to know about Johnie Rose Etheridge’s personal life, parents and siblings, education, net worth, and many more.

Personal Information

Johnnie Rose Etheridge is a 15-year-old girl and it is seen that not much about her personal life is known to the public yet. Despite her parents being celebrities in the industry, Johnnie Rose Etheridge and her brother live simple and common life.

Parents and Siblings

Johnnie Rose Etheridge’s mother’s name is Tammy Lynn Michaels and her father’s name is Mellissa Etheridge. Mellissa Etheridge is an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist. He has also won the Grammy Award. Tammy Lynn Michaels, her mother, is also an actress.

Her parents got married in 2003 later on they got divorced in the year 2010. They gave birth to twins, a daughter, and a son on 17th October 2006 through IVF.

Mellissa Etheridge also has a daughter and a son who died on May 13, 2020, from Julie Cypher (she was his ex-wife).

After their divorce, the parents share joint custody of their children as they both love their children equally. It is also seen that Melissa is a kind person and loves to live his life secretly and personally.

Johnnie Rose Etheridge has a twin brother Miller Steven Etheridge. She also has a half-brother and half-sister from their father’s ex-wife. Although her half-brother Beckett Cypher died in a sudden accident.


Johnnie Rose Etheridge is a young girl of 16years of age and it can be seen that she is neither married nor does have any children. She is a teen girl.

Education and Profession

Johnnie Rose Etheridge’s school and institution name is not known really. Still, it can be seen that she and her brother must be studying in a good school. Johnnie Rose Ehteridge’s profession is not known. She is a 16-year-old girl and it looks like she does not work anywhere. She is only seen as making some tik-tok videos and gaining some popularity from there.

Reason of popularity

Johnnie Rose Ehteridge’s basic reason for their popularity is her parents. They are famous and talented celebrities in the American entertainment industry and they tend to always remain in the limelight and front of the eyes of the media. Johnnie Rose Etheridge and her brother live a common and usual life.

Johnnie Rose Etheridge Net Worth

Johnnie Rose Etheridge is a young child and she does not earn on her own. Therefore the net worth of her father can be regarded in this situation. He is an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist and has a net worth of Melissa Etheridge is $ 25million.


Johnnie Rose Etheridge is a teen girl who is the daughter of a talented artist in the American Entertainment Industry. Despite the life of her parents that is always in front of the eyes of the media, she leads a personal and secret life of the common people.