Carrie Kathleen Crowell, Some Info About Carrie

Carrie Kathleen Crowell is the daughter of great musician Rodney Crowell and Rossane cash, was born on 1988.

Siblings And Relatives

Her father Rodney Crowell, was born in the year 1950, on the 7th of August known as an American musician. Has written various lyrics, and was influenced by two famous songwriters Guy Clark and Townes Van.

He started his career in 1972 and was projected in various albums until 2019. Furthermore, he was nominated for and won prestigious awards each year throughout his career life.

In 1975, Rodney Crowell was married to his girlfriend, Martha Dant Watts, but the marriage ended up in divorce. Then he got married to Rosanne Cash in the year 1979, and both influenced each other’s careers and achieved higher success in the world of songwriting.

Her Mother Rosanne cash also known as a famous American songwriter was born in the year of 1995 on the 24th of May. Started her career in 1978 and grabbed the attention of Columbia records. Besides being a great musician and lyrics composer she was also involved in social work and supporting various charitable organizations, and also got honored in the year 2005.

Carrie Kathleen Crowell has 3 sisters, but Hanna was a step-sister born to Rodney’s first wife each belongs to a different profession and consists of a different lifestyle.

Chelsea Jean Crowell was born on January 25th, 1982, and raised in New York City. She has chosen the profession the same as her father. She is now a famous songwriter and is known as third generation songwriter because her lyrics composes and revolve around various teenage issues like heartaches, family, and time travel.