Deshannon Berry: Career, Relationship, Family

Deshannon Berry is the some of the late famous TV actor Fred Berry whom he had with his fourth wife; Essie Berry. His actual date of birth is not disclosed but is said to be over 25 years of age. Deshannon has gained popularity owing to the name and fame of his father. He identifies as an African-American.

Body Measurements

The last known height of Deshannon Berry was at 5 feet and 5 inches. As of his weight, it remains undisclosed. He has often been termed by his fans as an attractive man with beautiful black hair and black eyes. By general physical appearance, he has an average body physique.


Not much is availed on Deshannon’s career path except for his association with his father.

Personal Life and Relationship

Being the son of Fred Berry, Deshannon’s childhood has been termed as one that was full of great care and love. His parents did a good job consistently and reliably meeting his needs with the hope that he would be able to pursue whatever he wanted. His credible childhood upbringing has had a significant role in shaping him to the man he is today.


Deshannon had one two siblings; Portya Berry and Fred junior. He has a father by the name Fred Berry Jr. who was a well renowned actor and street dancer in America. Deshannon’s built his name from playing Fred “Rerun” Stubbs in “What’s Happening!!” Television show.

Being a native of Missouri, his father was also a member in a dance troupe, The Lockers, based in Los Angeles. His father made his screen debut in the crime drama film “Hammer” in 1972. Deshannon’s father is also depicted as having lived a turbulent life struggling between food, alcohol, sex addictions, and drugs to a point he started battling with obesity that was life threatening. He would later on rediscover religion and lose over 100 pounds as well as quitting drugs. Unfortunately, he passed on in October 21, 2003 at the age of 52. At this juncture he had a net worth of $12million.

Deshannon also had one sister Portia Berry and one brother Fred Berry Jr. His brother Fred Berry Jr. has also created a name for himself in the industry. Fred Berry Jr. is the one who seems to have taken after his father and today is a TV producer and director. He is known for 2018, Bag of Cats and 2019, Penthouse Bachelor.