Gearhardt Anthony Steffen III, Career and Family

Gearhardt Anthony Steffen III is the son of the late famous singer and actress Jane Powell. He was born on July21, 1951 and would later pass on in July 13, 2004.


Gearhardt was a man of multiple skills in various professions. According to him, his mother intentionally did not leave them a trust fund which he saw as a great gift. For this reason, they had to learn to source a livelihood on their own. He quoted his professional skills to be over 50 and this cannot all be mentioned in a single space.

He was however, popularly known for being a singer, strummer, skier, surfer, ice skater, polo player, and insurance agent. He has worked at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean as a commercial driver and at the top of 11000 ft. elevation mountains as an alpine ski patrolman. He has also worked in between in different places including corporate sales at the Beverly Hills and in the grungy urban environments as a professional taxi driver.

Personal Life and Relationship

Gearhardt Anthony Steffen III had a wife by the name Suzanne Lorraine (Burce) Moore. They both got married on Nov in 1949 all through to August 1953 in Los Angeles, California, in the United States.


Gearhardt Anthony Steffen III was the son of Jane Powell and Geary Steffen. He had two sisters by the name Suzanne “Sissy” Steffen and Lindsey Averill Nernst.

His mother Jane Powell is well renowned for her skillful acting in various musicals throughout the 40s and in the 50s. She passed on in September 2021 due to natural causes at the age of 92. According to Variety reports, Jane Powell left behind a great legacy of comedy musicals as well as a great number of amazing TV characters. Also according to Celebrity Networth, as of 2021, Jane Powell left behind a networth worth &10million.

His grandparent is one Paul E. Burce.