Iggy Fielding-Bird, Relationship and Family

Iggy Fielding-Bird is the newest member of the family to Llian Bird and Niels Fielding. Born in 2020, Iggy Fielding is the second born child to the couple. She came as a great addition to the family owing to the parent’s excitement on their online pages.

Personal Life and Relationship

Llian and Noel rarely post or reveal much on their personal life and their children. They are very particular on keeping their kids off the spotlight. For this reason, pictures of Iggy only come represented in art form such as a painting or

The two have been dating for the last ten years and had their first daughter Dali in Spring 2018, making Dali officially a big sister.

Iggy,s parents live a private life in the UK. The two Llian and Neil’s started dating in 2010 after Bird’s appearance in a few episodes of BBC Three TV show “The Mighty Bosh”. The two have also collaborated in both seasons of Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy. Other than these appearances the pair have managed to keep their relationship under the radar, only making occasional public appearances together. Also, rarely do they speak or post about their relationship or family. As of today, the two have been dating for at least 12 years.


Iggy’s father Neil Fielding was born on May 21, 1973 and today wears the hats of a musician, English actor, comedian, presenter, and writer. He is renowned for his work with the comedy troupe, “The Mighty Boosh” in the 2000s. More recently, he is recognized as the co-presenter of “The Great British Bake Off”. He has based his reputation and personality on dark and surreal comedic style.

Iggy’s mother, is a highly successful British media personality born on August, 17, 1981. She wears many hats in the industry including; radio presenter, podcast host, TV commentator, theater producer, comedic actress, and writer. She writes for the Huffing post on various key social issues. She is a published author as of 2016, following the publishing of her book, “The Mice who Sing for Sex”. She started off her own production company known as Bird & Be. She is also the co-founder of humanitarian organizations referred to as Help Refugees and The Kindly Collective whose aim is to fundraise for grassroots charity efforts.

Iggy,s sister, Dali was born in spring 2018 and according to her dad was named after Salvador Dali, a Spanish impressionist. This would be one of Fielding’s greatest comedic influences.

Iggy’s grandparents are Ray Fielding and Diane Fielding (Noel’s parents). Her grandfather is a known actor for his role in The Mighty Bosh in 2003 and Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy (2012). They have two kids Iggy’s father Noel Fielding and Michael Fielding.