Star Kid Life of Hayden Dubose Proctor

The young Hayden Dubose Proctor is a star child. She is a bright, young girl who is often seen happy in the pictures on social media.


Hayden Dubose Proctor is the daughter of Ainsley Earhardt and William Proctor. She was born on November 8th, 2015. She has the Water sign of Scorpio. She is a blonde with beautiful brown eyes. Based on the pictures seen on social media, she looks like a fit youngster.


Hayden’s mother is a popular TV moderator of FOX news, Ainsley Earhardt. Anisley Earhardt is a Conservative political commentator. She was also awarded the South California’s Young Alumni Award in 2007.

Hayden’s father, William Proctor is a football player. He is the former starting Quarterback for Clemson Tigers at Clemson University in division I-A and for the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League.

Relationship Between Parents

Hayden’s parents sadly separated in 2019 after her father had an extramarital affair with her mother’s best friend. Despite the ill-fated separation between the parents, both of them co-parent to give little Hayden the best of both worlds.

One can see clearly that Hayden and her mother are very close. They are a mother-daughter team. Hayden is mostly brought up by her mother. She is the most active guardian for little Hayden.

Will Proctor is also involved with Hayden. She is often seen playing football with her father in social media posts.

Hayden has a good relationship with both of her parents despite everything. Ainsley and William’s co-parenting style is something that has inspired netizens over the years. Healthy co-parenting is necessary for a great upbringing for children whose parents have decided to separate and Hayden is definitely being brought up in a hate-free healthy environment.


Ainsley and William both have received education from prestigious universities. Netizens are hopeful that so will Hayden. Hayden’s future plans when it comes to education are unknown. Not because her parents are keeping it a secret, but simply because she is too young for school. The young girl spends her time with her family and netizens are happy to see her grow up. Netizens are hopeful that Hayden will choose the best for her future when the time comes for her to decide.

Extended Family

It is not hidden that Hayden’s mother was previously married to Kevin McKinney. However, there were no children from that marriage as they separated 4 years after marriage. Hence, little Hayden doesn’t have a half sibling. Due to Hayden’s father’s infidelity, Hayden’s parents separated after 7 years of marriage and she was the sole child. Hence, Hayden does not have any siblings.

She has an aunt named Elise Giles Earhardt and an uncle named Trenton Graham Earhardt.

She also has loving grandparents. From her maternal side, she has a loving grandfather, Lewie Wayn Earhardt and from her paternal side, she has grandparents, namely, Rick Proctor and Karen Proctor.

Netizens have also been suspecting Hayden’s mother to be dating a coworker. It is assumed that Hayden’s mother is dating Sean Hannity. It is hoped that Hayden has a good relationship with Sean if that is true.

Hayden Dubose Proctor Net Worth

Hayden’s mother has a total networth of 6 million USD due to her high-paying job as a TV moderator while Hayden’s father has a total net worth of 2 million USD due to his career as a footballer. Because of this, netizens are not surprised to see Hayden lead a comfortable life with her parents.

Social Media Presence

Owing to her young age, Hayden does not have a social media account. However, her mother, Ainsley, is quite active on social media. Hayden’s mother can be found on Facebook under the user Ainsley Earhardt with 408k followers and on Instagram with her account handle being @aehardt with 294k followers and 2043 posts. Hayden is often seen on several of Ainsley’s posts where the young star kid is seen smiling and leading a happy life.


Hayden is a young, lively little girl who is being brought up by her single parent. Both of her parents are loving and have a healthy co-parenting style which gives netizens hope for the best life for this star kid.