Michael Eugene Guyton: Personal Life, Career and More

Michael Eugene Guyton is a star parent. He has become more and more famous because of his beautiful daughter, Mickey Guyton, the famous country singer.

Personal life

Michael Eugene Guyton seems to be in his late 50s. It is hard to determine his age as details about him, such as his birthday and past life is not present on the internet. Based on pictures of him present on the social media, it can be seen that Michael has lead a happy life. He worked as an engineer when his daughter was younger. Current details about his work are not present on the internet.

He has been married with Phyllis Ann Roddy for seemingly a long time and based on evidence online; netizens have concluded that he has a happy marriage with her.  He is the father f 4 beautiful daughters. His second oldest daughter is Mickey Guyton. Details about his other daughters are kept away from the internet.

Relationship with Mickey Guyton

Michael Eugene Guyton is the proud father of one of the wealthiest country singers currently present in the USA. He is the father of Mickey Guyton.

Since childhood, because of Michael’s job, Mickey had to move around a lot. That has successfully resulted into Mickey and Michael having a good relationship between them.

When Mickey was younger she used to study in Public school. But due to their African American heritage, she was getting racially discriminated against. That is why, in order to protect his daughter, Michael enrolled her into a Private school to ensure her safety, security and mental well being.

Michael supported his daughter through her college years in Santa Monica College, strengthening their bond further.

In 2017 when Mickey Guyton married her lover of past 3 years and fiancé for 4 years, Grant Savoy, Michael was one of the 23 people who were invited to the wedding.

Michael supported and watched his daughter propelled into the stardom with her song “Better That You Left Me”. During Black Lives Matter protests, Mickey released her song “Black Like Me” celebrating her African America Heritage that gained her further popularity.

Based on whatever interactions that netizens have observed between Michael and his daughter, they have concluded that the father-daughter duo share a bond that would make anybody envious.  This healthy father daughter relationship is something very important in every daughter’s life and Michael is an example, a role model for the netizens.

Net Worth

Details about Michael Eugene Guyton’s current work are not on the internet. Netizens only know that he used to be an Engineer when Mickey was younger. One can conclude from that that Michael lead a simple and fulfilled life.  Now that Mickey Guyton has risen to fame, netizens have reasons to believe that Michael’s lifestyle is just as fulfilled as it used to be. Mickey Guyton is one of the wealthiest country music stars in USA. She has a net worth of 3 million USD. Her rise in fame is has been consistent since her amazing song “Black Like Me” which caught the attention of the public. Netizens are expecting to see her grow more.

Social Media Presence

Michael is not active on the social media. His current whereabouts long with his wife are kept on the down low. However, netizens have seen his pictures taken with her daughter by the paparazzi.


Michael is an amazing father, a loyal husband and a passionate engineer. Netizens are hopeful that they would see more of this star parent now that Mickey and Grant have welcomed their beautiful son, Grayson in 2021 August. Hopefully that grandfather and the grandson would be seen more often as netizens simply cannot get enough of this beautiful family.