How to Make Your LinkedIn Account Better: 3 Proven Tips for Beginners

Who among us doesn’t dream of finding a dream job and securing new useful acquaintances? It seems that everyone already knows about LinkedIn – one of the best places to find a new job, communicate with colleagues and form the image of a real expert. Yes, all this is available here and you can really prove yourself from the best side, get new offers and find like-minded people. But let’s face it: how many such people are on the platform? There is competition on the site, this cannot be denied. However, contrary to all the myths and stereotypes about the platform, it is realistic to achieve your online goal.

The main thing you should take care of right away is a good level of engagement, a high-quality biography and a sufficient number of interactions. Today we’ll share three best tips on how to make your professional profile better, including the opportunity to buy LinkedIn accounts to speed up the promotion process and improve your credibility.Using them for your own purposes, you’ll be able to achieve impressive results and even find your dream job. Let’s get started!

Write a good biography and choose a great photo

It may seem that your biography should consist of a list of skills and knowledge, about positions and work experience. But that’s not true. Employers pay attention to who you’re outside of the workplace. This is of great importance when choosing a candidate for a position, so if you plan to get enough targeted page views and become a more well-known expert in your niche, write the right words in the biography. You have a  few hundred symbols for this, use them wisely and tell us briefly about yourself : how old are you, where do you live, what hobbies do you have, favorite music, book authors, etc. All this will show you as an erudite and versatile person. These are the people employers are looking for.

As the main profile picture, we recommend choosing a high-quality professional shoulder-length photo – so that your face is fully displayed in a small circle. It’s better to give up the selfie, but if you have no other options and you have a good camera on your phone, try to take a great photo on a neutral background, you can download it in the app.

Demonstrate your social authority

If you started your online journey not so long ago, you may need third-party help from specialized companies. You see, it’s quite difficult to get enough interaction with a profile, relying only on the platform’s algorithms and free promotion methods. You have to pay for a good result, everyone knows that. Promotion on the platform and the formation of a large audience is no exception.

To make your presence more visible and demonstrate your talents and skills to more users, you can use the services of paid PR services. They offer to buy followers, connections, shares, accounts, endorsements and much more. You can use them at any stage of promotion, but we’d advise you to do it at the very beginning. So you can positively stand out from the crowd and win the attention of many users.

Interact with others

And last but not least, communicate with people. Join various groups and participate in discussions. By interacting with other users, you’ll become more visible and well-known in the thematic online community. Good luck!