Kenyon Jesse McMahon Personal Life, Family, & More

Kenyon Jesse McMahon was born in the United States of America on March 26, 2006. He is currently 16 years old. His solar sign is Aries by birth. He is the child of Marissa Mazzola-McMahon and Shane McMahon. He also has two siblings, Declan James McMahon, and Rogan McMahon. Jesse McMahon is of white ethnicity and is an American national. Kenyon practices Christianity.

Personal Life

Kenyon’s parents Marissa McMahon and Shane McMahon got married on September 14th, 1996. Marissa met Shane at a very young age in Connecticut and they grew together as chums. When they grew up they started dating each other and then got married in 1996 at McMahon’s estate at a private party. Kenyon’s mother Marissa gave birth to her first child Declan James McMahon on 13th February 2004  when she was at the age of 30.

She gave birth to her second kid, Kenyon Jesse McMahon after two years on 26th March 2006. Her last son was born on 20th January 210 and was named Rogan McMahon. The family lives currently in Manhattan.  The McMahon family is an Irish-American family well recognized for their involvement in the professional wrestling business. They are the founders, owners, and promoters of WWE, the world’s largest wrestling company. Vince McMahon, a third-generation wrestler promoter, was the company’s chairman and CEO.

McMahon joined his father’s regional wrestling company in 1969 and bought it 13 years later. He went on to turn the then-World Wrestling Federation into a global organization. The WWF (now WWE) went public in 1999, and its programming is now televised in over 150 countries and 30 languages. [1] The corporation has also ventured into film production and, separately from WWE, American football, with two editions of the XFL. Shane McMahon, a fourth-generation member of the wrestling promoter McMahon family, began working at the WWE company’s retail warehouse as a child.

He worked as a referee, commentator, and producer before becoming an on-screen performer. Shane McMahon was a professional wrestler who won the European Championship and the Hardcore Championship. He resigned from WWE in January 2010 but returned to the company in February 2016 as an on-screen persona. Marissa Mazzola-McMahon, his mother, started her work in public relations for Dan Klores and co-hosted WWF LiveWire with Michael Coulthard (stage name Michael Cole) from 1999 to 2000. She later worked on various WWE-related shows and was the WWE’s public relations director for a long time.

Professional Life

Kenyon Jesse McMahon does not have any professional affiliations. He climbed to notoriety, fortunately, because both of his parents work in the entertainment industry. Shane McMahon, the father is an American businessman. He is a co-owner of WWE, the world’s largest professional wrestling media conglomerate, among his other economic holdings. He oversees the storylines for WWE’s weekly television show SmackDown Live.

Net Worth

Nothing about Kenyon’s net worth is known to the public but his father Shane McMahon, an American businessman, is expected to have a net worth of $35 million USD as of 2022, according to reports. His in-ring performances as an infrequent wrestler have propelled him to the top of the WWE earnings chart. McMahon earned up to $2.2 million in 2016 and was placed seventh on the list of highest-paid wrestlers. Although Shane’s dipped to 1.3 million dollars he has remained among the top earners.


There is not much information available about Kenyon Jesse McMahon so nothing about his net worth, or personal life can be said. Although Kenyon Jesse McMahon is a kid born with a golden spoon.