Peeking Into Mysterious Life of Britta Wuornos

The mysterious life of Britta Wuornos revolves around her granddaughter Aileen Carol Wuornos who was an infamous serial killer. She was a severe alcoholic. In this article we will be seeing about her birth and death, her parents, her husband, and her granddaughter in detail.

Birth & Death

Britta Wuornos was born on the 1st  of  February in the year 1917 and died on the 7th   of  July in the year 1974 in the age of 54. Her place of birth is Michigan, United States, Michigan, United States. Her place of this death is Troy, Oakland, Michigan, United States. She died due to liver failure


Her father  is Henrik Mattsson Moilanen and her mother is Valpuri Moilanen. Her father passed away in the year 1948 while her mother passed away in the year 1943. But irrespective of the gap of years between their death, they were surprisingly dead at the same place which is Laurium, Houghton County, MI, United States, and buried at the same place Askel Cemetery, Houghton, Houghton, Michigan, United States. Also, both of them were from Finland.  Her father is from Lylykylä, Puolanka, Kehys-Kainuu, Kainuu while her mother is from Suomussalmi, Kainuu, Finland.


Britta Wuornos was married to Lauri Wuornos. There is no information on their marriage date or location. He passed away on the 12th of  March in the year 1976 in Avon, Oakland, Michigan, USA. As much as Britta Wuornos was alcoholic her husband was way more alcoholic but it didn’t just stop there for he sexually abused his granddaughter Aileen Carol Wuornos. he gave her traumatic experiences as he demanded to not only strip her clothes but also used to beat her during her childhood. One of the worst things happened to Aileen Carol Wuornos because of him. She was raped by a person acquainted with him and as a result, became pregnant and had no choice but to give birth. She put the baby she gave birth to for adoption. In short, he was extremely abusive both physically and sexually. Once his wife Britta Wuornos passed away he kicked out Aileen Carol Wuornos and her brother.


Her granddaughter Aileen Carol Wuornos probably has one of the messed-up histories one could ever come across. Everything about her including her parents, siblings, grandparents, partners or her child was messed-up. She always had the worst choices given and the worst consequences as a result of it. And it is because of this that she had developed a  psychopathic personality and her psycho-traumatic past has affected her to the core. She was also said to have a borderline personality disorder and antisocial personality disorder. After her grandma, Britta Wuornos passed away her grandfather Laudi kicked her and her brother out. And with no other choice at hand, she started prostitution. And later went on to murder seven men.


Britta Wuornos is heavily responsible for her granddaughter Aileen Carol Wuornos’s condition, life, and death given that it was under her irresponsibility of not keeping her husband in check that he misbehaved, and abused her both physically and sexually giving her trauma.