Kimora Sosha Cozart Personal Life, Career, & More

Family Background

Her father is a famous rapper named Chief Keep and her mother is Erica Early. Her paternal grandparents are known to be Alfonso Cozart and Lolita Carter.

Social Media Activities

She joined YouTube on the 1st of September, 2017. Currently, she has around 4.13K subscribers. The first-ever video she posted is a video titled “Day at the Zoo” with 1.3K views posted four years ago and her most popular video (shorts) would be a video of her modeling for LOL surprise+ Claire’s fashion show wearing a leopard print set outfit.

She has relatively fewer followers on Instagram compared to YouTube with only 94 followers which is just one number more than her total number of YouTube videos. But irrespective of the views, she posts content she likes on her page.


Kimora was seen taking the lead role in her class by singing and dancing on the Christmas show in the year 2017 where he was seen dancing and singing in the most expressive way of them all. She’s known to play the piano and has posted videos of her playing the piano on multiple occasions.

Passion for Dance

She’s also posted various videos of her dancing, especially with a lot of other people. Her dancing video on Instagram with the Halloween costume is one memorable one along with the video where she danced at “Dancin’ Around Dance Studio.”

Hopping Onto theTrends

Anyone who says they have never heard aboutthe “Squid Game” or played “Among Us” is probably lying. The internet was taken by a storm by these two influential releases. Kimora hopped onto the trend train as well and posted videos of her playing “Among Us” on YouTube and took “Squid Game” themed pictures as she posted them on Instagram.

Unconditional Love for Her Mother

Kimora expresses her unconditional love for her mother on various occasions. She once posteda photo of her hugging her mom with the caption “Best Mommy in the World”. She calls her “My leading lady” and posts pictures of her mom on Mother’s day while she wished her a happy mother’s day. Her most recent post was also dedicated to her mother with the caption “Mommy’s day, love you, Mommy.” This shows a heart-warming relationship between a daughter and mother.


Despite Kimora having a famous rapper as her father, she has lived a relatively quiet life with her mother pursuing interests of her own, living an independent and carefree life. She continues to post content is her social media and continues to pursue her interest and hobbies.