Laser markers are manufactured by one of the firms: LASIT Made in Italy!

LASIT began producing laser marking heads. Today, LASIT designs complete laser marking systems. In the future, our company will focus more on automation, providing integrated traceability solutions to meet the demands of a growing market seeking process automation and customer satisfaction.

Marco Ievoli and Candida Colonna founded LASIT near the original office.

They developed Europe’s first 3-axis laser marking head in just one year on the Sorrento Coast.

mechanical, automated, hardware, and software systems.

LASIT has stood out for its experience and expertise, even when the competition doubled since 1990.

Laser marking systems are manufactured by them in Europe, and they tailor their products as tailors do with clothes. It is a pleasure for them to be able to create and complete new and highly technological items, always seeking new solutions, since it meets the needs of customers.

Customizing mechanically.

LASIT builds machines with the same care and precision as a tailor creates a custom suit. LASIT employees approach every new project with enthusiasm and passion, looking for ways to challenge convention.

A customer’s needs can be matched with the design through the work of mechanical engineers.

LASIT has a vast range of experience in developing economical integrated in-line or fully automatic systems. LASIT carefully trains its dogs to address the most complex issues.

Customising software LASIT can tailor-make software to suit your production needs.

Reducing human dependency, reducing cycle time per part, and increasing the overall use-age and efficiency of the machine are among the advantages of customizing the software. LASIT has therefore developed specific action protocols to manage even the most complex processes.

Research and development are key to innovation.

LASIT’s favourite occupation is anticipating market needs. R&D is at the heart of LASIT, working on improving existing technology and generating novel techniques. LASIT is able to deliver solutions that alter the way in which consumers produce things by investing resources proactively.


LASIT believe that the best mix of experienced engineering and young and creative minds results in the most exciting outcomes. LASIT collaborate with universities and research centres to gain the most out of every project.

Personalised service

Having a high level of technological specialization, LASIT provides customers with everything they need to get started. Sales is just the beginning of a long collaboration.

LASIT can offer precise information and quick assistance thanks to technology. LASIT can connect with our customers anywhere, at any time, thanks to a system of mobile and stationary cameras.

Managers of a project can be easily accessed and the project’s progress can be monitored in real time from all perspectives using the system.

To accomplish the goal.

LASIT began manufacturing laser marking heads. Today, LASIT designs complete laser marking systems. In the future, our organisation will concentrate on automation as a way to provide integrated traceability solutions to meet the demands of an ever-increasing market seeking process automation and consumer demands.

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