Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Use Flutter?

Flutter is a free as well as an open-source framework that is launched and used by the top-rated search engine “Google”. Developing cross-platform mobile apps is the main goal of this framework, and the eye-catching point is that all these apps are built with the help of a single code base. If you come from a tech background then you may have worked on Flutter however if you do not have any idea about programming or coding then you may hire app developers to build an app for your business, and for sure these developers may have tried this framework, and if they have tried it even once then they can’t ignore the potential of this framework as it can help them to dave the codding time to build the apps for different platforms. There are so many things about this framework that make it one of the most preferable programming frameworks. You can find the number of flutter app development companies that provide various flutter app development services.

Flutter framework is winning the heart of app development companies as it has all the elements from cross-platform app development and native mobile app development models to develop feature-rich and robust mobile apps without taking much time to build the same app for different platforms. You are looking for a mobile app development company from where you can hire app developers who have extensive knowledge as well as experience in building the flutter mobile app for your business. Out of 10, almost 7-8 on demand app developers prefer to utilize the Flutter framework, the reason behind that is that it will save the time, and effort of the app development team and lessen the amount of coding.

Why adopt the Flutter framework for your next project?

There is a big list of advantages to using the Flutter framework, and Flutter is advantageous not merely to help the development team but business owners too. As it does not just provide rich-quality apps but is cost-effective too. And as it has great usability and speed, the performance of Flutter’s app is similar to native real-time apps. Although the Flutter framework is relatively new, the number of mobile application development companies is gradually increasing. Still, wondering why should you choose this framework, so have a look at the reasons to adopt this framework for your next project:

Cross-platform mobile app development

To give a digital presence and to grow the chart of their revenue entrepreneurs initiated to invest in the development of cross-platform apps. And as Flutter is a cross-platform and single codebase framework so it also lessens the cost of app development as there is no need to hire app developers to build the same apps for different platforms. As Google launched Flutter, the list of users is gradually increasing, as there is a big list of features that make it unique from other technologies of cross-platform.

Android and iOS are 2 platforms dominating the market in the last decade. And to get the app for both platforms we used to hire app developers separately, as to build the app both platforms used a separate code base with identical functionalities. But as Flutter came into the market of app development with its cross-platform technology it is catching the eyes of developers as well as business owners as it works on a single codebase idea that can run anywhere. This implies that the Flutter framework simply stands up to solve all the challenges faced by coders by achieving writing once & running on multiple platforms. In other words, a flutter framework can help them to build mobile apps for multiple platforms with a single codebase. Flutter uses a single codebase that lets coders programmers curate scalable mobile apps for iOS as well as Android. These mobile apps are scalable, multi-functional, & come along with a visually appealing UI.

Dart programming language

Flutter is backed by the world’s best search engine named Google and it utilizes the Dart language. Dart is a programming language which is one of the biggest reasons that codders love building mobile apps in Flutter. So, hire flutter developers that are well versed with the Flutter framework & its features to develop a mobile app that assists boost your sales. Moreover, the dart comes along with a powerful rendering engine named Skia. With Skia, the UI in Flutter can adhere to any virtual platform.

Powerful tools

Flutter is a User Interface toolkit. With the assistance of powerful tools in the Flutter framework, codders can build robust mobile applications for the web, desktop, and even embedded devices from a single codebase. With Flutter, there are some more powerful tools that come along as a package:

Visual studio code: 

Visual studio code lets coders build creative and robust mobile applications by giving them the freedom to edit & debug code feasibly.

Flutter SDK: 

Flutter Software Development Kit is a full package that consists of all the commands & tools that are required to develop a fully functional cross-platform Flutter mobile app.


In the Flutter framework, the widgets are considered the central class-hierarchy. It is an immutable description of a User Interface that can be inflated into elements to manage the underlying render-tree.

User Interface library: 

Flutter framework is packed with a plethora of elements in its User Interface library. It contains UI elements like buttons, sliders, text inputs, and much more. These elements are reusable as well as generally meet your mobile application requirements.

Faster time to market

The most pleasing part about the Flutter framework is that it is quicker than lots of other frameworks. Flutter apps are faster than other frameworks. With Flutter frameworks, there is no need to write platform-specific code to get your desired features in a mobile app. You can use any 2 Dimensional-based UI and it can be implemented easily in the Flutter framework with no requirement to interact with a native application counterpart. Furthermore, the Flutter framework has all exclusive declarative APIs to build a unique UI. It boosts the performance & makes it easier to make adjustments to the features & functionalities of a mobile app.


The best part about the Flutter framework is that it is totally free & open-source. It lets you build a native app with only a singular codebase. So, codders can use a single PL and a single codebase to curate 2 different mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms. As it is open-source, there are more than ninety thousand Flutter mobile applications on the Play store and it is found that around 10k applications are launched every couple of months. A significant position has been made by Flutter among the other cross-platform application development frameworks.

Massive community support

The huge community of Flutter framework includes coders that are passionate about building mobile apps with Flutter along with assisting each other to succeed in their projects. It aims at acknowledging the concerns faced by mobile application developers during the process of mobile app development and assisting them. Flutter is designed in such a way that you can extend your UI components with new visual elements without having to initiate from zero.

Requires Less Testing

Usual testing would be required to check the compatibility on different platforms. With Flutter, mobile applications utilize a single code base with no change to run across different platforms. All one needs to do is test a Flutter application just once and save a lot of time and money for the developer.


Hot Reload lets application developers and programmers create appealing & interactive designs faster.

While building the flutter mobile app if the mobile application developers make any changes or update any new features then they can utilize the Hot Reload function & the changes will reflect in real time.


With the constant updates of the Flutter framework, now you can easily build mobile apps for the web as well as desktop.

You’ll see that a good-experienced flutter mobile app developer can build a pure flutter-based mobile app that can run on major platforms such as web browsers, iOS, Windows, Android, and macOS.

Reduced costs

As there is no need to hire app developers separately for different platforms. Instead of hiring app developers separately for building the 2 native mobile apps, you need to hire only one app developer who can work on the Flutter framework. So, indirectly it reduces the cost while app development.