Ludovica Zurzolo, Personal Life and Net Worth

Ludovica Zurzolo is a young celebrity sister from Italy. She is known for being the sister of the dashing heartthrob of Italy, Lorenzo Zurzolo. Despite having connections with a celebrity family, Ludovica Zurzolo prefers to maintain a low profile. However, today we dug deeper and found some interesting details about Ludovica Zurzolo.

If you are also interested in that, read the article and find out information about the early life, family, siblings, education, work, and net worth of Ludovica Zurzolo.

Personal life

Since Ludovica Zurzolo herself is not much open about her life in the media, there is no information available about her birth details. The exact date of birth of Ludovica Zurzolo is not known. The only thing known about her family background is that she is Italian and the names of her parents are Federico Zurzolo and Gabria Cipulli. Coming to the love life of Ludovica Zurzolo, she has not disclosed even a single detail regarding this.

Parents and siblings

Ludovica Zurzolo is the loving daughter of Federico Zurzolo, Gabria Cipulli. Apart from the names of her parents, there is nothing much information available about them. When they got married and how many kids they had is not known. As for their professional front, according to some sources, the father of Ludovica Zurzolo is a businessman. Speaking of the siblings, there is no confirmed information available on the total number of siblings of Ludovica Zurzolo. We only know the brother of Ludovica Zurzolo, Lorenzo Zurzolo, who is a famous Italian actor.


Provided that the personal life of Ludovica Zurzolo is under wraps, it is not confirmed whether Ludovica Zurzolo has any kids or not. We are not even sure whether Ludovica Zurzolo is married.

Education and profession

Like the personal life and family background of Ludovica Zurzolo, her educational and professional background is also a mystery to the public. Neither Ludovica Zurzolo nor her celebrity brother ever bothered to talk about this.

Reason for the popularity of Ludovica Zurzolo

Of course, it’s the brother of Ludovica Zurzolo who makes her popular. Her brother, Lorenzo Zurzolo, is a well-known Italian actor and has appeared in several superhit movies. Despite the fact that Ludovica Zurzolo hardly makes public appearances with her brother, she still managed to grab the attention of people for being the sister of Lorenzo Zurzolo.

Net worth of Ludovica Zurzolo

Since the profession of Ludovica Zurzolo is not known, her net worth can’t be estimated either. Though we have no confirmed information on the net worth of Ludovica Zurzolo, we are sure of one thing that Ludovica Zurzolo is definitely living life like a Queen. The reason is, her brother has a whopping net worth of around 1.3 million right now.


It is very rare that a person from a celebrity family maintains a low profile but Ludovica Zurzolo has done so. Maybe she is not much interested in the glamour world and this is why she always avoids the media. She prefers a private and peaceful life.