Shoshana Emanuel, Personal Life and Net Worth

There are some people in the world, who are not born into rich and prestigious families but destiny becomes grateful enough to them and they end up getting their upbringings in such a family. Shoshana Emanuel is one of those people. She is best known for being the adopted sister of American businessman Ari Emanuel.

Today, we will discuss everything about Shoshana Emanuel including her childhood, parents, siblings, education, work, net worth, love life, and all other details.

Personal life

With the fact that Shoshana Emanuel is an adopted girl in the Emanuel family, there is hardly any information available about her childhood. The names of her adopted parents are Dr Benjamin Emanuel and Marsha Emanuel, who are Jews. Her father adopted her after treating her brain hemorrhage.

Apart from the names of parents, no other information is available on the childhood of Shoshana Emanuel. The same goes for the personal life of Shoshana Emanuel too. The name of Shoshana’s husband is not known. The only thing that is confirmed about her love life is that she is married for sure.

Parents and siblings

Shoshana Emanuel is the only daughter of Dr Benjamin Emanuel and Marsha Emanuel. Shoshana Emanuel was adopted by her parents. Other than Shoshana Emanuel, her parents have three sons and their names are Ezekiel J. Emanuel, Ari Emanuel, and Rahm Emanuel. All of her siblings are famous personalities and quite successful in their respective professions. If you talk about the profession of her parents, her father was a pediatrician, while her mother was a civil rights activist as well as a business owner. Her parents have probably died already.


With the fact that there is hardly any information available on the personal life of Shoshana Emanuel, not much is known about her kids as well. Once her brother said in an interview that Shoshana Emanuel has two kids. So, this is the only information we know about her kids.

Education and profession

Like other details about Shoshana Emanuel, her education and profession are not disclosed to the public as well. Since Shoshana Emanuel belongs to such an educated and professionally successful family, we are pretty sure that she must have received a great education and must be doing remarkably well in some prestigious profession too.

Reason for the popularity of Shoshana Emanuel

Of course, it’s the brothers of Shoshana Emanuel who make her popular. All of her brothers are well-known personalities and this also helps Shoshana Emanuel to gain some popularity.

Net worth of Shoshana Emanuel

As already said the profession of Shoshana Emanuel is a mystery, her net worth is an untold matter too. Shoshana Emanuel never bothered to talk about her earnings. Considering her lifestyle, it seems like Shoshana Emanuel must be earning a good amount of money. If you talk about the net worth of her brother, Ari Emanuel, he holds a staggering net worth of around 450 million.


We must say that Shoshana Emanuel is really lucky. She was just an ordinary girl but destiny has given her the life of a queen. Now, she is getting all the comforts and luxuries in her life.