Making the Switch to Solar: A Guide to Solar Energy Companies and Installers in the St. Petersburg Area

Switching to solar allows you to harness the energy from the sun and save costs while making the planet a better place. To get started, you will need the help of a reputable solar panels Tampa installer who can guide you through the processes.

To make the process easier for you, in this post, we will be describing some of the things to consider while making a switch to solar. We will also be mentioning some top solar companies and installers in the St. Petersburg area. So keep reading.

What’s the Energy Efficiency of Your Home?

As a homeowner that is about to switch to solar, you should consider potential efficiency upgrades and ascertain your energy use.

You can employ the service of a home energy audit company to assess your home and help you know where you are losing energy and the necessary steps to take to improve your home efficiency. You also need to know how to efficiently use your appliances and electronics or try investing in highly efficient ones.

Is the Solar Potential in your Area Accessible?

Another thing to properly investigate is if your area has access to enough potential solar energy. This is mainly because solar resources across the US are not equally distributed. Several mapping services can be used to determine the solar energy potential of your home alongside the potential costs, estimate system size, savings, and close-range contractors.

What Options Do You Have In Accessing Solar In Your Area?

Buying and installing solar panels in Tampa that are solely yours to maintain is not the only available option if you are switching to solar.  If you don’t want to buy a rooftop system or your home is rented, there are many ways you can still use solar electricity with the various programs available.

Some of the options available for using solar at home include a community or shared solar, power purchase agreements, solar leases, and solarize programs. You can always enquire from installers and utilities in your area for programs accessible to you.

Do You Know How Much Solar Electricity You Need?

Gathering information about your home and electricity use will assist your contractor in giving suggestions for your system’s type. To determine your annual electricity needs, you’ll review your electricity bills which should show your usage in kilowatt-hours(kWh).

Do a review for each month of the year because your electricity usage for each month may vary. There are utility tools that can help you with the review. Also, consider any future changes that may occur, like buying an electric vehicle or a new home addition.

Who Should You Contact For Your Solar Installation Process?

Hiring professional solar installers that are insured with proper certification is necessary to have the best experience for your switch to solar. You can also get recommendations from family, neighbors, and friends who recently switched to solar energy. Online reviews of these recommended solar companies can also help your decision.

Ensure the company provides proof that they are licensed to operate in your area before you make any commitments. Consider asking questions like: Can your company provide references from other customers in the area?; how familiar are you with the interconnection processes and how to get the necessary local permits?; Are there any pending or active judgments or liens against your company?; and what is the warrant for this system like?

Solar energy Companies and Installers in the St. Petersburg area

Below are some solar energy companies and installers that you can use for their assistance in the St. Petersburg area.

West Bay Energy

This is a reputable solar panel installation company in Tampa. They are well recognized for their outstanding service. They offer amazing products and services that will help optimize your home energy experience. They also offer a free quote on their website for anyone planning to make a switch to solar energy.

SEM Power

SEM power installers are also a leading choice in providing energy solutions to homeowners in Tampa Bay. They install cost-efficient solar panels and help their clients save cost on their respective utility bills while saving the planet.

Bay Area Solar Solutions LLC

They are also a local Florida solar company that provides a long list of products and services to cater to homeowners and all their home efficiency needs. They provide sustainable energy in Tampa Bay and its surrounding communities.

The right solar installers would help you finish all necessary and permitting steps. They will also help you figure out ways you can maximize your solar energy.