Manasha Matheson, Personal Life and Net Worth

Manasha Matheson is popularly known as Manasha Garcia. She is the Ex-wife of Jerry Garcia. She played the most important role in her ex-husband Jerry Garcia’s life during the last 20 years before he died.

Manasha influenced Jerry’s life most positively. But after Jerry’s death, Manasha was highly misunderstood as her character was quoted unpleasantly in the Books of Dennis McNally and Steve Parish. But the book of Robert Greenfield “Dark Star” (a biography of Jerry Garcia) presented her real image in front of the world.

Read further to know more about Manasha Matheson’s personal life, parents and siblings, children, education and profession, the reason for her popularity, and her net worth.

Personal life

Manasha Matheson was an old friend of Jerry Garcia for a long period of 6 years. She first met Jerry in November 1978 in Chicago. Their friendship continued and later in 1990 Manasha and Jerry exchanged vows. On 20 December 1987, they together had a daughter named Keelin Noel Garcia. After getting married to Jerry Manasha’s great desire was to help Jerry to recover from his drug addiction and to overcome his ongoing health problems. During Jerry’s last 20 years Manasha brought the most positive changes in his life.

Parents and Siblings

Information can’t be provided to readers regarding Manasha Matheson’s parents and siblings because there is no information available in any sort of media.


Manasha Matheson had a daughter named Keelin Noel Garcia. Keelin was born on 20 December 1987. Keelin is currently 34 years old. She completed her college and lives in Marin. Keelin Noel Garcia was the only biological daughter of Manasha Matheson. However, Jerry had 4 biological children from her 3 wives they were Heather Garcia from his first wife Sara Ruppenthal Garcia, Theresa Adams Garcia, Annabelle Walker Garcia from his second wife Carolyn Garcia, and Keelin Noel Garcia from his 4th wife Manasha Matheson.

Education and Profession

Since Manasha Matheson is popular due to her husband Jerry Garcia so information regarding her early education is not at all available and it’s only known that she completed her education at Shimer College. After completing college, she was recognized as an artist and music enthusiast. There is no relevant information available in any sort of media or internet regarding Manasha Matheson’s profession.

Reason of Popularity

Manasha Matheson is popular because of her husband Jerry Garcia. Jerry Garcia was born on August 1, 1992. Jerry Garcia was an American musician, He is most popularly known as Songwriter, vocalist, and lead guitarist in the rock band named “Grateful Dead”. He was the founding member of the band. His band came into its peak popularity during the counterculture of the 1960s.

He performed in The Grateful Dead for 30 years (1965-1995). Garcia died at the rehabilitation clinic on August 9, 1995. In Gracia’s last 20 years his health rapidly declined due to several issues like over smoking, weight problem, diabetes, sleeping problem, and drug addiction. The main reason for his death was found to be a heart attack.

Manasha Matheson Net worth

Since no information is present regarding Manasha’s profession, there is also no information available regarding her net worth. However her husband Jerry’s net worth is assumed to be around 15 million at the time of his death.


Manasha was the most important person in Jerry Garcia’s life, she married him with a desire to help Jerry recover from his drug addiction and overcome the several health problems which lead to his decline. She brought the most positive changes in Jerry’s life during his last 20 years. Still, she was misjudged and highly ill-presented by people until her true character was lightened by Robert Greenfield in his book the “Dark Star”.