Marquez Anthony Caruso, Personal Life and Net Worth

Marquez Anthony Caruso was born on September 15, 2005, in the United States. Marquez Anthony Caruso is popularly known as the son of retired American actor and producer David Stephen Caruso. Marquez Anthony Caruso is currently 17 years old and lives in America.

Personal life

Marquez Anthony Caruso is currently 17 years old, He has a Virgo zodiac sign, his nationality is American and his ethnicity is White. Any relationship status (in a relationship or single) regarding Marquez Anthony Caruso is not publicly available. He has an Instagram handle which can be visited via Despite being a popular star kid, information regarding his personal life is well hidden from the media and the internet.

Parents and siblings

Marquez Anthony Caruso’s father is David Caruso. David Caruso is a retired American actor and producer, David was born on 7th January 1956 in Forest Hills, New York. David is the son of Joan who was a librarian by profession and Charles Caruso, a newspaper editor by profession. David attended Martyrs Catholic School and completed his graduation from Archbishop Molloy High School, Briarwood.

Marquez Anthony Caruso’s mother is Liza Marquez. Liza was born on March 10, 1968, in San Antonio, Texas. She is currently 54 years old. Liza and David met between 2004-2007. Before being in a relationship with Liza, Davide was married and divorced twice. David and Liza together had two kids, Marquez Anthony Caruso and Paloma Raquel Caruso.


Marquez Anthony Caruso is 17 years old himself as of the year 2022. So he has no Children and other information regarding his relationship is not publicly accessible.

Education and Profession

Despite being the son of a popular American star (actor) Information regarding Marquez Anthony Caruso’s education is well hidden from the media and is not accessible to the public. Also, information regarding Marquez’s profession is yet to be obtained.

Reason of Popularity

Marquez Anthony Caruso is popular due to his father David Caruso. David is a popular American producer and actor, David is popular because of his roles in several crime-based series which were very popular back then some of the most popular series which made David Caruso a star are CSI: Miami and NYPD Blue. He is also very popular due to the roles which he played in movies like A Gentleman, First Blood, Kiss of Death and Proof of Life, Twins, and An Officer. He started his career as a producer and as an actor in 1975 and retired in 2012, He made his name in the film and industry for 37 years.

Marquez Anthony Caruso Net worth

Since there is no information available regarding the profession of Marquez Anthony Caruso and it’s believed that he is still a student, There is also no information available regarding his Net worth.


Being a star kid, Marquez Anthony Caruso is quite popular, but much information regarding his personal life, his education and Profession, and even his net worth is not available to the general public. He has an Instagram handle but yet he tries to remain away from the limelight and enjoys his private life.