Ron Stoops Jr. Personal Life and Net Worth

Ron stoops jr is one of the most respected football coaches. He is also from the most respected coaching family in the nation. He was born in Boardman, OH.

Personal Life:

Ron Stoops jr.’s wife’s name is Bonnie. They have four children. They are Melanie Stoops, Ron Stoops, Joey, and John. They enjoy a happy and successful personal life. Their private life is not well known.

Parents and siblings:

Ron Stoops Jr.’s Father’s name is Ron Stoops Sr. and his mother’s name is Dee Stoops. They have six children together. Out of the six, four were her sons. Ron Stoops sr. Was an ordinary man who lived in an ordinary 1390-square-foot house in Northern Ohio. He used to teach physical education at a Catholic School. He died at the age of 54 and left an unexpected legacy. Their four sons became great football coaches in the future. Dee Stoops remained married to Ron Stoops Sr. for 32 years, until his death. They together raised four sons and two successful daughters.

After Ron Stoops Sr.’s death, Dee Stoops got miserable. She loved him unconditionally.

Ron Stoops Jr. has three brothers and two sisters. Ron Stoops jr. Is the eldest of all. His brothers are Bob Stoops who recently retired from his Coaching career.

His other brother Mike Stoops, was the head coach at Arizona for eight seasons. Later on, he joined Bob as defensive coordinator.

Then came Mark, who started his fifth season at Kentucky.

Ron Stoops jr. was the coach for special teams for Youngstown State.

Ron Stoops Jr.


Ron Stoops Jr. has four children. They are Melanie Stoops, Ron Stoops, Joey, and John.

Not much about their children is known.

Education and Profession:

Ron Stoops Jr.’s education is not much known.

He is a professional football coach and also belongs to a respected football family. He coached for six years at Canton Central Catholic(1981-86) and spent his first year at Ursuline (1980) after graduation from YSU.

He received his undergraduate degree from Youngstown  State, and then he also coached his uncle Bob, at Youngstown South High School as an assistant teacher in 1978 and 1979.

He graduated from YSU in 1980 and got a bachelor’s degree in education and received his master’s degree from Dayton. While Coaching in Mooney he started teaching Social Studies

Reason for popularity:

Ron Stoops Jr. is popular because of his football coaching career. He is from a respected coaching family. His father was a football coach and his brothers also are great coaches. They have a family tradition of football coaching and are a great athlete.

Ron Stoops Jr. Net worth:

The net worth of Ron Stoops Jr. is not known, maybe because he wants to keep it private. The net worth of Bob Stoops from his family is available. His net worth is estimated to be $ 12 million.


Ron Stoops Jr. is a very popular Football coach. He also belongs to a very respectable football coaching family. They are all successful people in their families. Nothing much is known about Ron Stoops Jr.