Maria Jose del Valle Prieto, Personal Life and Net Worth

Maria Jose del Valle Prieto is an architect. She achieved success in her career. She has worked so hard to achieve all success and is a very intelligent and smart woman.

Today let’s dig deeper and find all the information about her.

Personal information:

There is no information available about the birth details of Maria Jose del Valle Prieto. The date of her birth and even place are not known. Speaking of her personal life, the beautiful lady was in love with Mexican singer Mauricio Ochmann. After dating for some years, the couple got married in 2003. However, her marriage didn’t last long and they parted ways in 2008. Since then, the lady supposedly has been single.

Parents and siblings

Well, you would hardly find any information about Maria Jose del Valle Prieto’s parents. With the fact that she doesn’t come from a well-known family, there is not even single information available about her parents and early life. In addition, we know nothing about her siblings either.


Maria Jose del Valle Prieto has one daughter with her former husband Mauricio Ochmann. Her daughter Lorenza is a household name in Mexico because of her famous father, Mauricio Ochmann, who is a Mexican artist and entertainer. The couple probably welcomed their daughter in 2004. However, they haven’t made her birth date public. Even though Lorenza is originally from Mexico, she was raised in the United States and is now a resident of the country.

Education and profession

Since no information is available on the internet about the childhood of Maria Jose del Valle Prieto, we can’t say which school and college she attended. As for her profession, she is currently an architect and the owner of a construction company. She seems to be quite successful in her career. Since she started her career, she never looked back and continued to grow each day.

Reason for Maria Jose del Valle Prieto Jose del Valle Prieto’s popularity

The one and only reason for the popularity of Maria Jose del Valle Prieto is her ex-husband. After marrying Mauricio Ochmann, her publicity skyrocketed. However, it actually got a boost when the couple divorced. Since then, she has been in the media limelight.

Net worth of Maria Jose del Valle Prieto:

Maria Jose del Valle Prieto seems to have a successful professional career, as she is living on her own after the divorce from her husband. She is right now at the age of above 40, so she must have churned out huge money. However, the information regarding this hasn’t been disclosed.  Maria Jose del Valle Prieto also doesn’t show off her lifestyle. So, from there too, we can’t assume her net worth.


Maria Jose del Valle Prieto is a beautiful lady. She worked hard for her success and is now living her life to the fullest. She is one of the greatest personalities and is so joyful. Maybe this is the reason she flawlessly managed the ups and downs of her life.