Learn About Nicholas Kyle Hoffman

Nicholas Kyle Hoffman was born in 2000, though the exact month and date have not been made public. He is famous for running over a classmate for stealing marijuana belonging to one of his friends.

Talking of his education, Nicholas Kyle Hoffman was a senior student at South River High School in Edgewater, Maryland. Details of his primary school have not been mentioned, but it is worth believing he was in a good school before joining high school. Given that he is in jail, he did not get a chance to join college and pursue a course of his choice.

Witnesses and Evidence Provided Against Nicholas Kyle Hoffman.

Three witnesses testified against Nicholas Kyle Hoffman in his case of attempted murder. The first witness was Logan Dandley; the victim was walking home when the car driven by Nicholas Hoffman struck him. Logan said he did not know Hoffman personally, but he had seen him drive the car three days before the incident.

Hoffman was friends with Thomas Mynaugh, who Logan Dandley owed, but Logan did not know if they were friends. Logan jumped to avoid being hit by the car but fell on the car with his knee hitting the windscreen.

The second witness Callie Scott, was with Nicholas Kyle Hoffman in the car when the incident happened. Scott told the court that Hoffman said over lunch that he wanted to see Logan, but she did not know who he was. Scott also said that Nicholas Hoffman said that he wanted to hit Logan with the car door.

Callie Scott narrated that when Kyle Hoffman saw Logan, he told her to record, and the video was presented at the court as evidence. The investigating detective also testified, indicating Hoffman had the intent to kill.

Arrest, Trial, and Judgement

Nicholas Kyle Hoffman was arrested with his friend Callie Scott a few blocks from the point of attack. They were taken into police custody and made videotaped statements; Scott told the police that she had lied to them at the request of her friend Nicholas Hoffman while Nicholas denied having run over Logan Dandley.

Nicholas was put on trial by the Anne Arundel County Court for first and second-degree assault and attempted first and second-degree murder. The three convictions were merged into one for attempted first-degree murder.

After listening to the witnesses and the pieces of evidence provided to the court, Nicholas Kyle Hoffman was sentenced to life imprisonment. The sentence was reviewed, and after consideration, it was reduced to 25 years in prison for a crime that was supposed to be 10 to 18 years. According to a statement by State Attorney Wes Adams, the crime was one the most callous display of violence he had seen in his career as a prosecutor.

What Happened to Logan Dandley After He Was Struck Down?

Logan Dandley was lucky; he only suffered some injuries and didn’t need hospitalization. His injuries were attended to, and he is in perfect health. He probably finished high school and is in or done with college.