Robbie Lynn Speck, Personal Life and Net Worth

Robbie Lynn Speck is the daughter of Richard Speck, who was a notorious American murderer. As the only child of Richard, Lynn gets lots of attention. Therefore, we are here to inform you more about her.

So, if you were looking for details about Robbie Lynn Speck, read this article to the end. Here we will cover all you need to know about her and the family.

Personal Details

Full Name: Robbie Lynn Speck

Date of Birth: Unknown

Country of Birth: United States of America

Parents: Richard Speck and Shirley Malone

Grandparents: Benjamin Franklin Speck and Mary Margaret Carbaugh Speck

The Early Life of Robbie Lynn Speck

Robbie Lynn Speck is the daughter of Richard Speck and Shirley Malone. Her date of birth is not known due to her private life. Additionally, there is no information about her education. When we get this information, we will update you.

The Career of Robbie Lynn

Robbie’s career is not in the public domain. However, his father was an American mass murderer. Shirley’s career is not known. Moreover, Robbie’s grandfather was a packer at a western stoneware in Monmouth. Before this, he was a farmer and a logger. Her grandmother was a teetotaler.

Who is Richard Speck?

Richard Speck was born on 6th December 1941 in Kirkwood, Illinois. He is the son of Benjamin Franklin Speck and Mary Margaret Carbaugh Speck. Also, Richard lost his father when Speck was six due to a heart attack. The death of his father disoriented him because he was close to him.

After his father’s death, Mary married Carl August Rudolph Lindberg, an insurance salesman. This made Richard move to her elder sister’s home, and he could not finish his second grade.

When Did Richard Speck Die?

After being imprisoned for murdering eight student nurses in South Deering, Chicago, Robbie Lynn Speck’s father was arrested, prosecuted, and sentenced to death. Richard killed the student nurses by cutting their throats, stabbing, and strangling them. This happened from 13th to 14th July 1966.

His conviction was on 15th April 1967. After the petition in 1972, the sentence was reduced to 400-1200 years. Later the court reduced it further to 100-300 years. His death was due to a heart attack like his father’s.

The death happened during his incarceration at Stateville correctional center before he turned fifty.

About the Paternal Family of Robbie Lynn Speck

Robbie Lynn Speck has uncles and aunts from her paternal side. They include Carolyn Speck, William Howard Speck, Erma Clair Holeman, Robert Speck, Martha Thornton, and Sara Thornton. Also, Robert Speck died in 1952 after an automobile accident. He was twenty-three years old during his death.

When Did Her Parents Get Married?

Richard and Shirley got married in 1962 and had a daughter. After four years of marriage, they divorced in 1966. The cause of their divorce was due to Richard’s criminal record, which Shirley could not tolerate.


Robbie Lynn Speck is living a private life. This is all we could gather about her life. We hope that you now know more about her life. Thank you for reading.