Seth Durand Roanoke IL – All You Need to Know About Him.

Seth Durand Roanoke Il was born on August 20, 1999, to his parents, Tom Durand and Marsha Brown Durand. He has six siblings, Brandon Durand, Brittney Jones, Colton Durand, Rachel Angel Torres, Amanda Durand, and Eli Durand.

In his personal life, Seth Durand was not married upon his death; but it is uncertain if he was in any relationship or had any kids out of wedlock. Though Seth was nice and loved by many, it is unlikely that he had kids outside of marriage. He loved spending time with his family and friends.

Education Background and Other Interests.

Not much was revealed about his education by his parents or hiM. It is unclear which grade school he attended, but he was a student at Roanoke-Benson High School. While in high school, Seth was honored by the Black Partridge Chapter of Daughters of American Revolution for his excellent character. He was presented with Good Citizen Award on February 12, 2018, for his excellent leadership, patriotism, service, and being dependable.

Seth Durand was chosen by his school and was supposed to submit some documents to the Daughters of American Revolution (DAR); the documents were reviewed by non-DAR members and then sent to the district level. Seth and six other students from different schools were given the award.

The other students given the good citizen award besides Seth Durand were Grace Cushing from Germantown Hills, Sarah Schug from El Paso-Gridley High School, Nathaniel Overocker, a student at Fieldcrest High School, Zackary Weber from Midland High School, Madison Darrow, a student at Lowpoint Washburn High School and Samuel Metcalfe a senior student at Eureka High School.

After high school, Seth Durand probably joined college, but it has not been made public by his parents.


Seth Durand worked for Double L Seamless Gutters, a gutter company that does the gutter installation, cleaning, and leaf cover installation. His employer described Seth Durand as a hardworking guy ready to help anyone who needed his assistance.

Seth Durand’s Death and Instances Leading to His Death

Seth Durand died on July 19, 2022, at Springfield Memorial Hospital from injuries sustained from electrocution. He was installing an aluminum gutter at a Grand Ridge Home at 1400 street near Streator. The gutter that Seth was installing came into contact with a power line; that is how he was electrocuted, falling from over 20 feet to the ground.

Paramedics were called, and Seth and his four co-workers were rushed into the hospital. Despite doctors’ and nurses’ resilience and hard work, they couldn’t save Seth Durand. A funeral church service was held on July 23, 2022at the Roanoke Apostolic Christian Church, and he was buried the same day at the Church’s cemetery. Messages of condolences sent to his family were full of praise for his good character and how great of a person he was.

Social Media

It is unclear if Seth was active on any social media platforms, but at the moment, there are no social media handles related to Seth that can be found on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.