Who Is Theo Bhat? Family, Career, and Dating History

Theo Bhat is a British actor who became famous after appearing in The Dark series. The series premiered in 2019, and the actor’s role in the second season made him the people’s favorite, especially ladies. Although the actor is growing his popularity, he has not revealed much of his data to the public.

Theo Bhat’s Family

Theo Bhat has not revealed much information regarding his family. His parents’ exact names are unknown, but according to trusted sources, his parents come from different ethnic groups.

Theo’s father is believed to come from India, while his mum is believed to be British. Apart from that, the actor has revealed that his parents worked very hard to ensure they lived decently in London.

Theo Bhat is not the only one in his family because he has two brothers, Alex and Fred. Alex seems to be the eldest, and according to his website, he is also an actor who has earned more credits for performing in several films.

Alex started acting in 2004 and is credited in movies like Deep Blue Sea 3, Gentleman Jack, Devils, and Annabelle, among others. Additionally, Theo’s other sibling, Fred, works in a wilderness agency, where he is a Head of Business.

All siblings of Theo are somehow involved in the entertainment industry. Fred has also worked as a social media content producer and a Digital producer at Discovery Inc.

The Career of Theo Bhat

Theo Bhat started acting when he first appeared in In the Dark. The series was the first performed by the actor, and he began his career in 2019. Before venturing into the acting industry, he was a club waiter at Olympics Studios from 2014 to 2018.

Theo also worked in Handle Management as an assistant floor manager. The upcoming actor revealed he had worked in other places until 2019 when he got the opportunity to venture into the entertainment industry.

After the first role, the actor never backed but instead focused on becoming a better actor. Because of his dedication to nurturing his talent, he has gained other roles, like in films Masters of the Air and Youth in Bed.

What is Theo Bhat’s First Language

Theo Bhat surprised many fans when he revealed that he speaks more than three languages fluently. The actor has indicated that he is proficient in French, Russian, English, Spanish, and Portuguese. As a result, it is difficult to tell the actor’s first language.

Who is Theo Bhat Dating?

Theo Bhat is an upcoming actor who many ladies like because of his excellent acting skills. As a result, many people are curious to know who has captured the heart of the handsome actor. Fortunately, it seems the actor’s heart is yet o be captured by anyone because he has never announced having an affair with anyone else.

It seems the actor is focused on growing his career, explaining why he is yet o engage in a commitment.