Rupali Amge: Personal Life and Family

Rupali Amge is the sister of the shortest woman in the world renowned as Jyoti Amge. Not much about her is revealed except for her association with her sister.

Career, Personal Life and Relationship.

Rupali Amge was born in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. She identifies as of Indian nationality.

She has received her primary education from a local school in the same region of Nagpur.


Her parents are Kishanji Amge and Ranjana Amge.

She has a brother named Satish Amge and three sisters named Archana Amge, Jyoti Amge, and Vaishali Amge.

Her sister Jyoti Amge is popularly known as the smallest girl in the world measuring 62m/ 62 cm/ 2-foot 0.6 inch and weighing about 5kg. Her sister Jyoti was diagnosed with a form of dwarfism known as achondroplasia which indicates that she cannot grow any taller than she is.

Interesting facts about her sister are that all her clothes and jewelry have had to be custom made to her size including plates and utensils. This is given that Norma-sized items are too big for her.

She has however gone to make a big name for herself in the Bollywood industry as an actor.

She has also made her breakthrough in the American acting industry after taking up a role in “The American Horror Story” TV show.