The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Right Chairs for Living Room

Chairs are an essential element of the living room, as they offer style, comfort, and a relaxing place to sit and unwind. Whether you host a party at home or just looking to hang out with friends, chairs make living rooms more functional and purely aesthetic.

A well-chosen chair can elevate the look and comfort of your living room, but with so many options available, it can be challenging to choose. Each style will offer you a different appeal for different decor and a different comfort level for lounging. So, what types of chairs should you consider for this endeavor? We’ve found 11 great chairs that go above and beyond to complete the contemporary look that you’re going for in your living room.


An ottoman is a type of furniture that can use for multiple purposes in a living room. It looks like a seat with no arms and no backrest, with a padded cushion on top of a solid frame. It is often used in conjunction with a living room chair or sofa, providing a place to rest your feet and making the living room a more comfortable and inviting space. It can also work as extra seating in your home. Moreover, an ottoman also acts as a coffee table that is stable enough to hold food and drinks.

Swivel Chairs

While ottomans are still one of the most popular options out there for your living room, swivel chairs are definitely becoming a popular choice, too. Because this chair can be rotated left or right with a simple twist of the body. Sometimes a lot of guests come over to your house, and we need more seating options. So we shift the chairs around, as a result scratching up your floors. However, a swivel chair removes that effort. You can easily change the angles to left or right and make the flow of conversation effortless.

Featuring lower seats, sloping arms, curvaceous silhouette, and extra support, these chairs are made for the more leisurely spaces of your home. Place these swivel seats at the end of a coffee table, centered among large windows, adjacent to your sofas for extra seating.

Accent Chairs

When designing a living room, you need to consider a lot of pieces of furniture. But adding the accent chair in the living room is one of the best decisions you ever made. You can purchase an accent chair alone or in matching with a sofa for additional seating in your living room. You could also place it in an empty corner of your home and create a little reading nook. This is definitely one piece of furniture that brings a pop of color while adding a functional statement to the living room. Also, they are good options for filling an empty space where a larger seating like a loveseat is not fit well.

Accent chairs come in a variety of styles, designs, and colors, making it easy to find one that fits with the existing decor of a room. They can be upholstered in cotton fabric, leather, or other materials, and can be designed with a variety of different patterns and colors to add visual interest to the living room. Many accent chairs are also designed with unique features, such as armrests, and backs, to provide a comfortable seating experience.


For those who discovered a new level of comfort, a recliner is a go-to option for them. They offer an ultimate sense of relaxation while elevating the entire ambience of the living room. With just one push of a button, you can recline the back or bring up the footrest. Everyone loves to take a nice afternoon nap or curl up with a good book in the evening. Choosing power recliners allows them to enjoy the conveniences of plush comfort while creating a reading nook environment.

They are a popular choice for bedrooms, and home theaters too, and can be upholstered in various materials, including fabric, leather, and microfiber. They are designed with a mechanism that allows the backrest and footrest to be adjusted manually and electrically. Some recliners also come with additional features, such as built-in massagers, cup holders, and storage compartments, making them even more convenient and functional. Different types of recliners also offer lumbar support and headrests that help you to rest in a position that is almost as comfortable as lying down.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a roomy chair to act as your daily lounging spot, a chair-and-a-half or a barrel chair would be a better option. And if you are looking for optimal comfort or the ability to accommodate someone who likes to put their feet up, a recliner would best suit your needs. By considering its use and what you would like it to accomplish in your space, you can choose a chair that best suits your situation. And if you are looking for optimal comfort or the ability to accommodate someone who likes to put their feet up, a recliner would best suit your needs. Ultimately, the type of chair one chooses for their living room will depend on personal preferences, room decor, and the intended use.