Why Calendars Start On Sunday?

Have you ever wondered why most calendars start on Sunday? There’s a convenient reason for this – and it has everything to do with the work week. Here’s a quick history lesson on how the saddle stitch calendar came to be organized the way it is today.

The History Of The Calendar And How It Has Evolved Over Time

The calendar has seen many changes throughout its history. Likewise, people’s track of their days is constantly changing, from lunar cycles to religious holidays.

In modern times, calendars have a stable structure that starts with Sunday as the first day. While it wasn’t always this way, this arrangement started becoming common in Europe centuries ago to center around a weekly worship cycle on Sundays.

Many countries worldwide still adhere to a financial or business week that starts and ends on Sunday, so it’s easy to wonder why it became the norm for calendars too. The answer may vary depending on where you look, but part of the reason is that it makes sense – starting your week off with a fresh slate and ending on Saturday gives you a chance to rest before resetting for another week!

The Reasoning Behind Why Calendars Start On Sunday

Have you ever paused to consider why most calendars start on Sunday? While this may not be a typical query, its backstory is fascinating. Before the 16th century, when Pope Gregory XIII introduced the Gregorian calendar, countries used their local systems with different starting days.

Initially, early Roman calendars used Monday as the beginning of their week, but ironically it was later replaced with Sunday, which reflected the holy Sabbath day at that time. That said, Sunday has upheld its status as the traditional beginning of our weeks for hundreds of years due to modifications made in religious or agricultural ceremonies.

The Benefits Of Having A Calendar That Starts On Sunday

Starting your calendar on Sunday is incredibly beneficial, especially for busy people. It gives you a full seven days to get everything you need to do and gives you a sense of structure and order.

Knowing that the week officially starts on Sunday makes it far easier to schedule your life and ensure you’re using every available time in the most effective way possible. In addition, it’s a great way to stay organized and track your everyday tasks and commitments – from work obligations to social activities.

So why boost yourself and start your calendar on Sunday?

How You Can Make The Most Out Of Your Sunday By Using A Calendar

Sunday is often thought of as the start of a new week, but it can also be a great day for planning and organization. Making the most of your Sunday using a calendar is a great way to get ahead of your schedule and ensure everything is finished on time.

Utilizing items like online calendars and physical planners to block out when tasks need to be completed is highly effective in getting work done efficiently. For example, a calendar allows you to prioritize tasks, plan breaks and organize leisure activities between obligations to feel more in control of your schedule.

Embrace Sundays with an optimal structure of schedule that will help you stay energized and motivated throughout the rest of the week.

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Week By Starting It Off On The Right Foot With A Sunday Calendar

Sunday is a great day to organize and set yourself up for a successful week. You can get ahead by carving out some time on your Sunday calendar.

Start by reflecting on what went well last week, then identify your priorities for the upcoming week – both big-picture goals and achievable step-by-step tasks. Finally, if there’s anything that needs attention, add it to your calendar, so it doesn’t get forgotten.

Being mindful of scheduling breaks between major tasks will help ensure they get done effectively and efficiently. Finally, take some time to honor your accomplishments from the last week and reward yourself with something special.

Starting the week in this way will put you in the best possible position for an awesome productive workweek.


Starting your calendar on Sunday is a great way to stay organized and make the most of your week. By taking a few minutes to plan, review last week’s accomplishments and set priorities for the upcoming week, you can get off to an incredible start.

Plus, the fact that it gives you a fresh slate and ends on Saturday makes it easier to keep track of your tasks. So why boost yourself and start your calendar on Sunday? It’s a great way to stay ahead of the game and ensure you remain productive throughout the week.