Your Guide to Choosing the Best Gaming Laptop

A gaming laptop is nothing like your ordinary one. Some people try their luck at gaming on ordinary laptops and fail miserably. If you are new to gaming, let me inform you that you will need a gaming laptop. In addition to that, you will need the blazing-fast Internet, and to is possible with a subscription to Charter wifi. Personally, Spectrum plans are my go-to service but you can choose accordingly.

However, one thing that I can help you with is choosing the right gaming laptop. Here is all that you should consider:


It is essential to choose the right hardware. This includes the CPU and GPU. Especially if you are into playing high-intensity games like WatchDogs and Assassins Creed. These games use a lot of power. Which means that you need a processor that is able to handle that amount of load on it. As a rule, you would need an intel i7 quad processor if you wish to enjoy a smooth gaming experience without any lag.

If you do not wish to spend a huge amount on the processor, I would suggest opting for an intel i5. But nothing below that, please. You won’t relish your gaming experience as much with the i5 processor as you would with an i7 though. Therefore, try to purchase a laptop that has an Intel Core i7 quad processor. One of the best gaming laptops is HP’s Omen series. Other than HP, Lenovo’s Legion series also offers great features for gamers.

Other than the CPU, your GPU also holds immense importance. GPU is the Graphics Processing Unit that makes your gaming experience a thousand times better. In case you are looking for suggestions, go for NVIDIA Geforce GTX is an appropriate choice. However, high-end laptops would need a GTX 1080 or a GTX 1070 GPU.

Keyboard and Touchpad

You should also look into the keyboard and touchpad that you should be investing in. As basics, you should be looking for a laptop whose keyboard offers the following:

  • A decent key travel
  • Customized backlit keys
  • Key travel depth

Asus laptops offer the backlit keys feature. And have a good key journey. The key travel depth that you should be looking for is 2mm. This depth will allow you to use the keyboard comfortably for gaming purposes.

Sound Output

The gaming laptop that you purchase is of no use if the sound output is not good. Gamers would know the importance of graphics and sound in order to make them fall for a game. A game without good sound can destroy the whole mood of the gamer. He has to be in the right feel to play a game. A good sound output also helps to ensure that the gamer stays focused. Concentration is the key to getting good at gaming.


Gaming is RAM intensive. An 8 GB RAM is what you would need for the most average productivity tasks. In case you are looking for something high-end, you should opt for the 16 GB RAM on a gaming PC. However, if you cannot invest in a 16 GB RAM laptop as of now, try to remember it for the next time. You will clearly feel the difference. Also, you can upgrade memory at any given time. All you need is a screwdriver.


Gamers find it hard to make a choice between hard drive and SSD. The good news is that you can even have both. YES. You read that right. Some of the budget gaming laptops will not offer this option to you. They will only have a hard drive. However, some laptops also include an SSD card to help you increase the storage capacity. If you invest in an SSD that is beyond 1 TB capacity, you will see that the loading time decreases to a great extent. But you will have to bear a heavy cost for that.


I cannot stress enough on the importance of display for a gaming laptop. Some of the points to consider while looking for a good display include:

  • Resolution – You should go with a minimum of 1920×1080 resolution. Anything less than this means muddy graphics.
  • Touch screens – Some gaming laptops now offer touch screens. Do not go for these. They are only good to play candy crush.
  • Matte or glossy – This is a matter of preference. If you like your display matte, then go for the matte one and vice versa.
  • OLED – It is the future of display.  So, if you can, invest in a laptop that has an OLED screen.

Apart from all of the above-mentioned features, you will have to worry about your Internet connection. You can lose a game if the connection goes down. Being a gamer, I’m constantly checking apps available on Spectrum to up my gaming experience and never have I been disappointed. I am sure there are other great options for you to choose from. Happy gaming!