George Seymour Crole, Personal Life and Net Worth

Today, we are going to talk about a member of the British royal family and his name is George Seymour Crole. Having been born into a royal family is a reason in itself for enough popularity. Right?

So, today, let’s dig deeper and find out who George Seymour Crole was and how his life was. Here, we will cover everything related to George Seymour Crole such as his childhood, parents, siblings, education, work, love life, children, net worth, and many other such details.

Personal life

George Seymour Crole was born on 23 August 1799 at Chelsea, London, England to George IV Hanover, the-then King of the United Kingdom, and his queen Eliza Fox. Needless to mention, George Seymour Crole had a royal childhood. Moving on to the love life of this royal man, it is really kind of a shock that George Seymour Crole never married. Yes, he was an unmarried man and left the world at the age of 63 on 13th June 1863.

Parents and siblings

George Seymour Crole was the loving Prince of George IV Hanover and his queen Eliza Fox. Since not much information is disclosed about the personal life of royal family members, there is nothing much available about the personal life of his parents. As for the profession, you already know that his father was the royal king of the United Kingdom and his mother was the royal queen. If we talk about the siblings of George Seymour Crole, it is also an untold matter.


George Seymour Crole did not have any kids because he never married.

Education and profession

Well, you yourself can assume about the education of a royal person. We would have told you the exact information on this matter if George Seymour Crole or his family members had ever disclosed anything regarding the same. Coming to the profession of George Seymour Crole, after completing his education, he attended the Military Academy, Sandhurst, Berkshire, England. He started his professional career in 1817 when he was commissioned with the rank of ensign. Thereafter, George Seymour Crole went on to get a major rank.

Reason for the popularity of George Seymour Crole

Is being the son of a king not enough to become popular in the world? Well, this is what makes George Seymour Crole popular. He was the son of George IV Hanover, the-then King of the United Kingdom.

Net worth of George Seymour Crole

Considering the fact that he was a royal family member and his father was the king of the United Kingdom, you yourself can assume how much money he would have in his life. If you want to know his own earnings, he was a major. Owing to the fact, you can have an idea how much money he would have made in his lifetime. Regardless of his earnings and net worth, one thing is sure that George Seymour Crole enjoyed the utmost luxury and comfort in his life.


Even after being a charming and dashing Prince, George Seymour Crole never married. There must be some big reason behind that or maybe he chose to love himself first over any other person.