Raeven Khan, Personal Life and Net Worth

Raeven Khan is an American celebrity kid, who is born in the family of celebrities. She is best known for being the granddaughter of American singer Chaka Khan and the daughter of American singer and actress Milini Khan.

Today, we have brought together some interesting details about Raeven Khan. So, read this article and find out the details regarding her early life, family, siblings, education, work, net worth, love life, and others.

Personal life

Though Raeven Khan is a celebrity kid, there is hardly any information available about her birth details. The reason is, her mother does not like to publicize the personal life of her daughter. The only thing we know about her early life is that she is an American and the name of her mother is Milini Khan. Not even the name of Raeven Khan’s father is known. Let alone other details. If we talk about the love life of Raeven Khan, this is a completely untold matter to the media.

Parents and siblings

We just said that there is hardly any information available about the early life of Raeven Khan. Given the fact, the name of Raeven’s father is not known. As for her mother, her name is Milini Khan and she is an actress and singer by profession. According to some sources, the mother of Raeven Khan was really young when she gave birth to Raeven Khan. Speaking of the siblings of Raeven Khan, it is not known whether Raeven Khan has any siblings or not.


With the fact that the mother of Raeven Khan is 49 years old right now, Raeven Khan must not be older than 25 years old. Considering the fact, we believe that she might not have any kids at this young age. Nevertheless, we can’t say anything confirmed on this.

Education and profession

It’s not just the personal life of Raeven Khan that is a mystery to the public but nothing is known about her educational as well as professional life. The mother of Raeven Khan is quite active in the media but she never bothered to disclose any detail regarding her daughter.

Reason for the popularity of Raeven Khan

It’s the family background of Raeven Khan that makes her popular. Her grandmother, Chaka Khan, who is a household name in the American music industry, is the biggest reason for the popularity of Raeven Khan. Besides that, the mother of Raeven Khan, Milini Khan, also adds a fair share to the popularity of Raeven Khan.

Net worth of Raeven Khan

Since the profession of Raeven Khan is not known, we can’t estimate her net worth either. However, we can definitely assume one thing and it is that Raeven Khan must have enjoyed a luxurious life since her childhood. The reason is, her mother has amassed huge money in her career so far. As of 2022, she has a net worth of around 30 million.


Raeven Khan is born into a family that is very much active in the showbiz business. Considering the fact, Raeven Khan might build her career in the same and follow in the footprints of her parents and grandparents.