Know about Hannah Siegal, renowned comedian George Burns’ wife

Hannah Siegal is one of those who are known to the world because of her connections to a celebrity. She is famous for being the wife of iconic superstar George Burns.

Hannah Siegal’s Family

Hannah Siegel (stage name: Hermosa Jose) was a dancer and the ex-wife of George Burns. Due to the lack of resources during those times, there isn’t much information available about Hannah’s childhood and her parents. It is known that she was one of George’s dance partners, and that’s how they met. George Burns (birth name Nathan Birnbaum) was born on January 20, 1896, in New York, and is a well-known actor, comedian, writer, singer, and television host. George and Hannah had to go on a tour for some promotional activity and Hannah’s parents weren’t ready to allow them to go together unless they get married. So, they married and went on the tour. This marriage, never consummated, lasted only for 26 weeks and at the end of the tour, they were divorced.

Though George had an apparent flair for comedy, he never quite clicked with any of his partners, until he met Grace Allen. Grace Ethel Cecile Rosalie Allen was an American comedian, born on July 26, 1902, in San Francisco, to George Allen and Margaret. Grace was born with heterochromia, giving her two different colored eyes; one blue and one green. While attending secretarial school, she met George at a vaudeville theatre in adjacent Union City. Grace came to call Burns by the nickname Nattie (a diminutive of his real name Nathan), while he called her “Googie”. They were married in Cleveland, Ohio on January 7, 1926. The couple adopted two children, Sandra Jean and Ronald Jon, after discovering they could not conceive independently.

Both their children pursued their acting careers and were very successful actors. Sandra was married to Stephen Albert Luckman and later to Young James Wilhoite III and had four daughters Laura Wilhoite, Melissa Wilhoite, Grace Anne Luckman, and Brooke Luckman. Ronald aka Ronnie was married to Peggy Lyon and had three sons: Brent, Brad, and Bryan Burns. The couple was divorced in 1972 and Ronnie re-married Janice Powell in 1977.

Grace had a history of heart disease and died from a heart attack in Hollywood on August 27, 1964. On March 9, 1996, George died in his Beverly Hills home. Ronnie Burns died on November 14, 2007, of cancer and Sandra died on 19 January 2018.

Hannah Siegal’s Net Worth

Hannah Siegal lives a secret life hidden from the paparazzi. She enjoyed celebrity fame only because of her short marriage to the biggest comedian of the era, George Burns, and after her divorce, there hasn’t been much information available about her. George was a very successful actor and had a net worth of approx. $50 million at the time of his death.