Who is Maginel Galt?

Maginel Galt is the daughter of the late actress Anne Baxter. Anne Baxter was a celebrity, and her acting career made her one of the Hollywood idols. Maginel Galt was born as the third and lastborn of Anne Baxter with her ex-husband Randolph Galt.

Maginel Galt was born in 1963, and she chose a religious life of becoming a nun. Despite her mother being a famous actress, she chose a different path because she needed something spiritual to believe in.

Moreover, the great-grandfather of Maginel Galt was the legendary architect Frank Floyd Wright, and her half-sister Katrina Hodiak is an actor who has made her remembered.

Maginel Galt’s Siblings

Maginel Galt is a proud sister with two siblings. Maginel is the lastborn, while her eldest half-sister is called Katrina Hodiak. Katrina Hodiak was born to Anne Baxter, Maginel’s mother and her first husband, John Hodiak, a Hollywood actor and radio presenter.

Maginel’s sister followed in her parents’ s footsteps, and she became an actress. Her mother, having been featured in several films and being a recognized actress, it was not hard for Mageinl’s sister to pursue an acting career.

Katrina Hodiak was born in 1951, two years before her parents divorced. She married Michael Martin Von Ditter in 1982 but later divorced after welcoming their son in 1984. Katrina has remained with one child and has been married to Jeffrey Michael Lunora since 2004.

The other sibling of Maginel is called Mellissa Galt; she is older by one year compared to Maginel. Maginel and Mellissa were born to Randolph Galt, the second husband of Anne Baxter.

Melisa and Maginel Galt never followed their mother’s career, explaining why little has been disclosed about them. While Maginel decided to be a nun, Melissa’s career is unknown, and it is hard to tell if she is married.

Maginel Galt’s Mother

Maginel Galt was an American actress born on May 7, 1923. The actress became a star in Hollywood and was nominated for Emmy Award. Her acting made her famous and enabled her to win the Academy Awards and Golden Globe.

Anne Baxter was the granddaughter of the great Frank Lloyd Wright, and she studied acting and started perming as an actress in 1940. Seven years after debuting in acting, she won Best Supporting Actress in Golden Globe Award and Academy Award.

Maginel’s mother appeared in a school play when she was five, and her family relocated to New York when she was six, where she continued to act. When Anne Baxter was ten, she attended a play where Helen Hayes was starring, and the play impressed her such that she insisted on becoming an actress.

Maginel’s mother was married in 1946 to an actor, John Hodiak. They welcomed a daughter Katrina Hodiak but divorced in 1953. Anne Baxter dated Russell Birdwell, who she worked with. Russel was behind production while Maginel appeared in the plays.

Later, Maginel’s mother married Randolph Galt in 1960. The relationship was blessed with two daughters but ended in divorce in 1969. In 1977, Maginel’s mother married David Klee, a stockbroker, but Klee died shortly after.