Who is Monique Boling’s Son

Family is part of someone’s definition, and Monique Boling’s name is popular, all thanks to her son’s fame. Monique Boling is the mother of the famous athlete Mathew Boling, popularly known as the white lightning, the horseman, or the boogie man. This guide details everything we know about Monique Boling. We will discuss his son in detail, from his early life to his career and social life. Let’s dig in.

Mathew Boling’s Early Life and Family

Monique Boling is the mother of Mathew Boling. Mathew’s father is Mark Boling, and his brother is Michael Boling. Mathew was born on June 20th 2000, and he has a twin brother, Michael. Mathew grew up in Houston, Texas, where he attended the River Oaks Baptist School. His father worked as an Attorney representing the energy sector. Hence, his athlete is not based on genes.

Mathew started running at a young age and diversifying to long jumps and 400m races. Besides, he was among the USA’s 4 x 400 m relay team that won the silver medal. His breakthrough came when in 2019 after he broke the 10-second barrier for a high-school 100m race. After this record, he received the nickname the White Lightning for how fast he was.

Mathew Boling is brought up in a Christian family. His ethnicity is Caucasian, his nationality is American, and he speaks English. Mathew’s hobbies include fishing and skiing. As for his career, he is a professional athlete. His favorite sport is American football.

Moreover, his favorite movie is Avengers Infinity War, with his favorite actress being Natalie Portman. Mathew Boling loves music, and his favorite rappers are Drake and Travis Scott. As for social media, he enjoys Twitter.

Mathew’s Education and Records

Mathew Boling started his preparatory school at Strake Jesuit College Preparatory and undertook his kindergarten. Later, he moved to Strake Jesuit College and went for graduation at the University of Georgia. His athletic physique got him a spot running for the university.

His fame started booming slowly, especially after running in the Columbia Stadium, where he left his rivals with a massive margin of almost 5 meters behind. Mathew Boling holds the record for the fastest American high schooler with an impeccable record of 9.98 seconds for the 100 m race.

His official university record is 10.13 seconds for a 100 m sprint. Mathew loves and enjoys playing American football. Moreover, he has a gold medal in the 2019 Athletics championship, which he won in the long jump.

Mathew’s Net Worth and Measurements

Mathew has a height of 6 inches. His hair is brown, and he weighs 78 kg. His current net worth is estimated to be $10 million. His net worth is estimated to grow, especially since his career has only begun, and he has a good projection. Soon, we expect to see Mathew Boling taking in the footsteps of notable athletes like Usain Bolt. Mathew is single and has no children.